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# 3xv6zbmcqzp 2014-03-04 03:23
QuotesChimp buy insurance when, you're in substance building a business. You take a reduction, which can be the cash you spend to the insurance underwriter, similarly. Since you discover just how much you're going to cover before the check is written by you it really is set. These obligations are called rates.
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# thesophie 2013-08-24 19:17
First of all, if the premise is going to be more non stop gwrtoh despite how much of a fallacy this is what essentially will happen is employment can be made to rise as jobs become far less energy dependent and revert back to much more manual labor. Cutting emissions means using less energy, well that has to be covered by more labor is response in order to have the same output. Problem here is that the mere fact of cutting emissions and therefore energy usage also means an end to economic gwrtoh as we know it and also wipes out things like our entire banking system which are predicated on nonstop gwrtoh and unlimited energy. Energy isn't money per se but they are inherently tied together. Money is basically a representation of time and labor plus energy. Cutting energy usage means a semi permanent deflationary depression that would take decades to get out of until things equalize.Obviously this gets very complicated very quickly but there are cases where nations have had to go thru this process. See Cuba for example. The bottom line is always the same, standard of living drops. It doesn't have to drop to the point of abject poverty though either, but what most Americans take for granted would cease to exist. The trick here is to encourage the most efficient and non polluting methods while discouraging the others. This by itself presents big problems. Many think nuke power is an answer, it isn't. The external costs both monetary and environmental make it a non starter, it is already subsidized by the govt by necessity. In an energy and resource constrained environment nuclear has literally no chance to happen. Too many other ways to doing things work far better. It all comes down to leverage and we need to use the methods that provide to most bang for the buck so to speak both economically and environmentally.
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# ehz_ks 2008-02-03 01:00
Lieber Lutz Görner,
den Morgenstern mögen Sie gerne, nicht? Ich denke er würde Sie auch mögen! Herrlich, ganz herrlich diese, wie auch Ihre letzte Sendung mit seinen Gedichten (heute besonders "Das Butterbrotpapier") eine wahre Meisterleistung wie Sie das "bringen"! Ich freue mich schon auf die nächste Sendung.
Herzliche Grüße von Kassel nach Weimar,
Erzsebet Haris-Zana
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# marcel.weyant 2008-02-03 01:00
Imitant de la manière la plus convaincante le moineau atterré, la tortue séculaire, le vent vagabond, l’eau vive, les thermomètres rivaux, le débauché en fête, le papier sulfurisé qui s’anime, le Rezitator nous a régalés, aujourd’hui, grâce aux vers der Christian Morgenstern, d’un feu d’artifice mémorable, dont l’efficacité va se faire sentir comme celle d’un cordial et se prolonger bien au-delà de ce morne dimanche d’hiver. Quel mime merveilleux vous êtes, Monsieur Görner ! Permettez-moi de vous appeler docteur Gaillard. Merci de nous administrer ces remèdes fortifiants mis au point par ces magiciens qui s’appellent Heinrich Heine, Eduard Mörike, Wilhelm Busch, Joachim Ringelnatz, Kurt Tucholsky, Erich Kästner et tant d’autres,
Marcel Weyant, in der Normandie
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